Would You Like to Publish Your Own Book?

Want to publish your memoirs in print?
Want to surprise your family with a photo book?
Dream of sharing your poems with the world?
Your book will be printed on the most advanced printing system in paperback or hardback!
Your book will have the same professional look and feel of the books you find in bookstores.
Your book can contain any text and any b/w or color images of your choice.
Experienced designer, publisher of seven books will produce and print your book in any quantity you need: from one to hundreds of copies.

I could help you to make your own photo or text book, whether you’re making a personalized wedding album, memories, poetry, cookbook, baby book, travel photo book, portfolio, or fundraising book. Whether it’s a screenplay, a graphic novel, or poetry, you can bring your best work to life in a professional-quality book.

spines samples

Count on bookstore-quality printing and binding,
and a range of choices from Hardcover photobooks to Softcover paperbacks in an array of trim sizes.
High quality – Hardcover, Dust Jacket, Hardcover, ImageWrap and Softcover books all feature professional bindings and your choice of Paper. Books start at 20 pages and go up to 440 pages. Choose from a wide selection of papers.

Below you will see price to print your book. Design and Shipping are not included.

black and white books' samples

Black and White books:

- 5*8 inches (13*20 centimeters) - price started from $4;

- 6*9 inches (15*23 centimeters) - price started from $5.


Colour books' samples

Color books:

  • - Square 7*7 inches (18*18 centimeters) - price started from $15;
  • - Standard Portrait 8*10 inches (20*25 centimeters) or Standard Landscape 10*8 inches (25*20 centimeters) - price started from $25;
  • - Large Format Landscape 13*11 inches (33*28 centimeters) or Large Square 12*12 inches (30*30 centimeters) - price started from $63.

Also I am offering my help to individuals and small businesses in:

- formatting text documents
- scanning your documents or pictures
- full photo touch-ups and post-processing
- DVDs or CDs with your documents/pictures

Samples of my works

(Click to open in a new window)

Sample of family book with pictures and poetry (in Russian)

Newspaper design

Design of book

I guarantee your satisfaction and look forward to meeting you.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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