Video, Audio, Films Encoding and Transferring to DVD, CD, or digital files:

Video services @ IMMEDIATOR

Video Tapes Encoding and Transferring to DVD or digital file (MP4, etc.)

Video cassettes - VHS, VHS-C, Super-VHS or S-VHS. Video8, Hi8, Digital8, miniDV, Betamax - from all television systems (North American NTSC and other world PAL/SECAM TV systems).

  • 1 hour (or less) — $10
  • 1 hour (or less) of Betamax, S-VHS, or PAL/SECAM — $15
  • plus $2 for each DVD if you willing to have your video on discs.
    Minimum order is $20.
    You pay for the length of the video, however, each tape counts as its own amount, and is recorded to its own DVD or saved to a separate file. It means, for example, that four 15-minute tapes will cost 4 x $10 + 4 x $2 = $48, and they will be burned on 4 DVDs or saved as 4 files. However, one 2-hour tape will cost 2 x $10 + $2 = $22.

    Audio services @ IMMEDIATOR

    Audio Encoding and Transferring to CD or digital file (MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.)

    Audio - reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, 16, 33, 45 and 78 RPM Vinyl Records, microcassettes. 33 and 45 RPM disks will be converted with a high-end LP turntable Technics SL-3300.

  • $12 per 60-min (or less) audio-cassette
  • $20 per 60-min (or less) reel tape, microcassette or 8-track tape
  • $12 per 33, 45 or 78 RPM disk
  • $30 per 16 RPM disk
  • plus $2 for each CD if you willing to have your audio on discs. If you going to transfer 90-min audio-cassette to CDs, please consider that it takes 2 discs and price will be $12x1.5 + $2x2 = $22 per tape.
    Minimum order is $20.

    Film services @ IMMEDIATOR

    Films Encoding and Transferring to DVD or digital file (MP4, etc.)

    8mm, Super8, 16mm silent and sound films

  • All cleaning and minor repairs of your film
  • High Quality film conversion
  • Brightening and color correction
  • Main DVD title for film
  • Sound track (add 25% to 100% for original track)

  • Film Transfer Prices - $4 per minute:
  • 50’ reel (3" Ø) - 4 min or less - fixed price - $16
  • 200’ (5" Ø) - approx. 15 min - $60
  • 400’ (7" Ø) - approx. 30 min - $120
  • If your reel is bigger than 3" and not full, you will pay not by reel but by duration of film - $4/min. It means if you have 10 minutes film of 7" reel, you will pay not $120 but $40 only.
    Minimum order is $50.
    Now our 8mm and Super8 conversion even better than before, now is super enhanced, involves us capturing your film frame-by-frame - no flickers, no hot spots, or burnt out frames, cleaned up and sent to you at 1440x1080 (full HD resolution accounting for aspect ratio).

    Scanning services @ IMMEDIATOR

    Scanning Services

    Scanning your pictures, slides, negatives, or documents

    Price: from 75 cents per picture.
    Minimum order is $50.

  • Cropping
  • Color correction
  • Orientation
  • Slides and negatives are individually scanned at 5076 x 3360 resolution, 3600 DPI, 24 bit depth (suitable for enlargements as large as 20" x 30").

    If you going to proceed with mp3, mp4 or other digital files, please bring your USB-stick or external hard-drive.
    For video tapes transfer: one hour of video takes about 3 GB.
    For films transfer: 4-minute video (3" reel) takes about 400 Mb.
    If you don't have USB-sticks, I could offer you brand new USB-stick for reasonable price.
    GST/PST is included in price.

    If you have media not listed here, I can still help you. All you need is a device that plays those items and I can convert them.

    The following flexible discounts are available for video, film and audio transferring:
    If the amount is over $200, there will be an additional 10% discount for everything past $200.
    If the amount is over $400, there will be an additional 10% discount for everything past $400 on top of the previous discount.
    And so on... up to a maximum discount of 50%.

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    3rd Jury Prize at XI International Documentary Film Festival in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky (Poland, Koszalin): "Touching the text" (2013, 38 min.) - script, search and selection-material, video editing (montage).


    * * * * *

    “Alex did some work for our International division and we were very happy with the finished product. He is very detailed and I was impressed with his attention to detail. I would recommend him to anyone."
    - Wade Barnes, President, Farmers Edge

    * * * * *

    “I had known Alex for a number of years now and have always found him to be very enthusiastic about creating interesting video programs and recordings on a variety of topics. My favorites are the music videos that he created for a number of the Russian folk musicians. The tact and care used in arranging both historical and current recordings, photographs and other images and overlaying them smartly with audio had always impressed me.
    I wish Alex all the best in this endeavor and hope other people would be able to benefit from and enjoy his creations.”
    - Dmitry Kirshner, Owner, Automated Design Systems

    * * * * *

    “I had a privilege to watch Alex at work and was greatly impressed with his above average experience, ability to focusing and to problem-solving, hard work ethics and interest as well as with all the innovations that Alex had contributed to his work. He will be a great asset at this position.”
    - Sophie Shulman, Professor, Dr. of Sci.

    * * * * *

    “Alex is true professional in his field. A lot of knowledge, good expertise and high level of reliability. I have hired him on several occasions and each time the work was completed in time. If I need an IT professional for my company, Alex would be my first chose.”

    - Igor Polevichok, M.Arch, MAA, OAA, MRAIC, LEED AP BD+C

    * * * * *

    “DVDs and CDs made by Alex saved our memories. Custom DVD menu looks great! I highly recommend his services for people!”
    - Igor L.

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